As an example of good leadership by Mao, explain how this move helped him establish his Single Party State.

The long march happened on October 11, 1934. It was a retreat to set up a new government set up by Otto Braun. The Red Army carried as much as they could and needed to set up a new government in Hunan- Huebi. They wre forced to fight a major battle when they reached the Xiang River. Due to Otto Braun's poor leadershup and military skills, 45,000 members of the Red Army lost in battle. Many of the Red Army commanders blamed Otto Braun for the great loss. They said that the losses were due to equipment that was carried which slowed them down which gave the Guomindang time to prepare their attack. Also the fact that they were being led in a straight line making it easy for the Guomindang to predict movement. Otto Braun was supspended wen the Red Army reched Zunyi and held a a meeting to work out better tactics. Therefore, Mao was given back respect, support and also control along with Zhu De.