As an example of good leadership by Mao, explain how this move helped him establish his Single Party State.

The CCP wanted the United Front in order to be a stronger nation. In the United Front the CCP and GMD would join sides with each other instead of continuing to fight one another. The CCP's main slogan in 1935 was, "Chinese do not fight Chinese." Chiang Kaishek the leader of the GMD was not willing to join sides with the Communists. Chiang was captured by Zhang's troops in 1936, after he escaped he agreed to join the United Front. In the 'United Front' Chiang Kaishek agreed to join sides with the Communists against Japan. The Russian government agreed to give the United Front military aid if needed and Chiang was named Commander-in-Chief of the Chinese forces. This helped Mao to establish his Single Party State because it showed that he was willing to work and compromise with others in order to get what he wants.