this still lacks commentary focusing on whether this emphasizes that CONDITIONS are mainly responsible for the rise of a SPS, or LEADERSHIP

As Condition for the Rise of Mao's Single Party State, how can this event be said to have strengthened him?

The extermination campaigns of 1930-34 were organized by Chiag Kai-shek against the Jiangxi Soviet, the Communist stronghold led by Mao. The communist armies were outnumbered but Mao and his military leader Zhu De used cleaver tactics and didn’t fight head on. They lured the GMD armies deep into their own territories and ambushed them. The Communist party replaced Mao because they criticized his tactics saying they were “politically wrong and cowardly” due to the amount of peasants that were killed. However new Communist tactics were a disaster, many troops died and they were not able to break through the block house lines which proved that Mao’s tactics were the most effective. Mao regained his political status with increased power.