this still lacks commentary focusing on whether this emphasizes that CONDITIONS are mainly responsible for the rise of a SPS, or LEADERSHIP

As Condition for the Rise of Mao's Single Party State, how can this event be said to have strengthened him?

  • After the First World War was the Paris peace conference of 1918. The conference had to do with 3 main men Wilson, Clemenceau, and Lloyd George they were know as the big 3 that had made all the main dissections at the conference. Some of the main topics that got accomplished at the peaces conference were after war bitterness, communist Russia, and the big conflict between the 3 big men and also new states. After WW1 Russia and Austro-Hungarians empires had collapsed. They wanted to rebuild the empire and create new ones. Since November 1917, there was a communist government in Russia. The Big Three wanted to strengthen Russians neighbors, so that they could form a strong group to protect Europe against the spread of Communism. The conference did not go as smooth as every one had hopped. There was a conflict between the objectives of the big 3. Wilson had wanted and hoped that there would be no war for mankind. He had come up with his 14 points that was going to help at the conference. For example some of his points had to deal with the evacuations of Germany‚Äôs army from Russia, Belgian, and the French territories.
  • Moas rise of his single party state has a lot to do with the 1918 peace of paris. It is said that it did streenghten him becasue he had lived through reform and revolution in the early years of China's awakening nationalism, and they he saw all movements happen. after the revolution of 1911 it had droven him to radicalism. This occurred at a time when Willsons self-determination was being ignored at the Paris Peace Conference and the messiance messages of the Russian October Revolution had attracted the attention of Chinese intellectuals