During the Cultural Revolution, Mao started a campaign against the "Four Olds" - old ideas, old culture, old customs, and old habits.

How did this campaign bolster support for Mao? Along with the Red Guards, who enforced these campaigns, the campaign fired up the public and gave them a new cause to work for. When students joined the Red Guard, they smashed shops and destroyed "bourgeois luxiries" in part of a wider movement against the four olds.
What groups in China did this campaign put fear into? Any Chinese who had accumulated some wealth had to fear this campaign. Anyone seen as part of the "bourgoisie" was targeted, with their possessions destroyed or confiscated and their rights revoked.
Did this campaign increase the degree to which some Chinese were misled or 'in-the-dark' about the problems the CCP had created in Chinia? This, along with the Red Book, created a cult of Mao Zedong where people began worshipping their leader for his great reform. The Four Olds campaign was in fact a PR and propaganda campaign that heightened the people's ignorance of the truth of Mao.